Philip Hollobone


Borough Councillor
Educated at Oxford University, where he studied Modern History and Economics, before being elected to Parliament Philip spent most of his career as an industry research analyst examining the performance of water, gas and electricity companies across the UK. Philip served over eight years in the Territorial Army, latterly as a paratrooper. In 1984, Philip spent eight months working as a volunteer teaching assistant with a Baptist Mission in Honduras, Central America.

Emma McClarkin MEP

After first being elected to the European Parliament in 2009, Emma joined the Parliament’s International Trade Committee in early 2012. By 2014, Emma was appointed as the ECR Group Coordinator for the committee, meaning that she is the lead MEP in the Group on Trade matters.

Rupert Matthews, MEP

Rupert Matthews became MEP for the East Midlands in July 2017 following many years of campaigning on behalf of local people across the East Midlands.

Stephen Mold, Police, Fire & Crime Commissioner

Stephen Mold currently runs his own business but is an experienced campaigner for the Party and stood as a Parliamentary candidate in Derby achieving one of the largest swings to Conservatives in 2015.